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Spirit of the Woods


title: Spirit of the Woods
size:  20 x 30 " 
Medium: oil + silver on canvas
ABOUT: All that you see or seem, is but a
dream within a dream. Dreams are
the morse code of our personal truth,
from our inner life to our lived
conscious self, suspended between
asleep and awake. A message is being
delivered: the energy that ignites all
living beings around you; the spirit
infused into landscapes you live on;
the heart and soul of who you are.
Surrender to the spirit of your soul, as
above so below.


price: 6900 usd SOLD

canvas print: 1100 usd

nft : 2.1 ETH SOLD


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canvas print: 1100 usd

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[three.two.three] 541.3049 (Chase Business Account)


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_Evelisa's Art Exhibition  2 Invite (Facebook Cover)_edited.png
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