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Transform NFT Exhibit

Uplifting and curating the authentic voices of diverse Indigenous and International artists

Parkwest Event SoCal

Having the honour of participating in a Parkwest Gallery auction in Southern California, with the very best VIP collectors

Evelisa's Art Exhibition Invite (1)

Showcasing one of the FIRST Hybrid art exhibits, NFTs represented by Realdream Studios and in-person art. 8/10 works sold - a nearly sold out show!

Live corporate Painting

Live corporate painting event.

Help Humanity Live Painting.jpeg
Live Painting

Creating for wedding patrons or special guests is always a spectacular experience, and provides a fresh experience every time. I love welcoming people into the process. Whether planned or spontaneous, there's always a magical element of surprise making this such a memorable time for all! 

Unique Commission

More than buying a painting - a tailored commission is an experience from start to finish. 

Through my unique consultation process that combines therapeutic discussion, astrology, and vision-boarding, along with interior design considerations, I co-create with my clients a completely tailored creative experience that reframes and illuminates the beauty and inspiration of their own soul journey.

Client Commissioned Experience

With love,

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