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Every Woman, Born Again.

I make paintings of and for empowered women. Spiritually empowered, illuminating their full magnetic worth. Feminine energy is needed and necessary.

the statement

Eve Reborn is a collection of never before seen oil paintings with Realdream Studio's unique 4K SuperRare digital 1/1 NFTs. This collection explores the spiritual side in influential icons, and the ordinary humanity in spiritual figures. What is the story these figures tell beneath the surface, that inspires us at a soul level?

As a portrait and dream artist, these works draw upon classical portrait traditions of both alla prima and glazing techniques, while developing unique digital pairings for each piece. This is #EveReborn.

the collection

eve reborn, the poem.

“i was saved by the beauty of the world” says mary oliver

“knowing better and you’re doing better”, encouraged by toni morrison


do you recall any wisdom

from women of influence?

i myself have had to work hard to curate their voices to encourage me

not because my mother had none

but because around me, i could neither read nor see any


i was trained in the western manner, where philosophy was defined by descartes

where art was the vantage point of picasso’s eyes. passive, invisible, inconvenient.


and even many spiritual figures who i had internalized, somehow,

bore no female name.


so i read and paint now, looking for the cues

of women in their excellence


it was far too long before i could start to look for it in myself. but it’s there


and it’s there in each of us.


Sometimes, in my quiet doubting moments i remember

the words of morrison, mary, michelle, my mom


and remember a bridge to connect us is already there; their words, their magnetic power

we use the same words, i have used each word before.


so to take these words and put them into prayer

each word moves me to lay the paint, like a ritual

and before me, illuminate the portrait of the goddess within us.

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