While always writing, reading, and researching the human condition, painting has been Evelisa's preferred language of the heart. Evelisa has always turned to painting to celebrate the life and love of her own experiences, or to represent vision and leadership in complex ways. She has a unique artistry that combines classical tradition with surreal and allegorical painting styles, Her paintings are meant to be intimate celebrations - of life and love.


Painting is now one of the ways Evelisa serves the world - by supporting individuals and couples to be inspired by their own lives; to feel joy in the beauty of their own journey and greatness. Using premium materials combined with over 15 years of dedicated experience mastering her craft, Evelisa is able to uniquely design a piece tailored to the dreams, legacy, and vision of her clients.



Evelisa is a graduate from Harvard University with a masters degree on Education, where her training incorporated Human rights and the Law, social enterprise, social policy and government relations.  She is all about building coalitions and building deeper understanding for a more a more compassionate future.


Working internationally is an opportunity for Evelisa to help people celebrate their unique story and vision wherever they come from. From Mumbai to Los Angeles, Toronto to Rome, everyone can benefit from seeing the beauty in both love and life.






The ENG enterprise is about creatively bringing dream and vision to reality - whether a personal vision, project vision, company vision, or Evelisa's own personal visions, through timeless and tailored paintings. Discover your legacy, dreams, vision, love, and story in a unique way.


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"One must give value to their existence by behaving as if one's very existence were a work of art."
― friedrich nietzsche